2020:  What a Year!

Did you start 2020 with dreams and well wishes for happiness, joy, and peace? Or, did you come into 2020 with apprehension, dread, and reluctance?

No one but God knew what adversities, complications, irritations, and challenges we would face in the year 2020, reminding us that He is still in control and has all power in His hands. If we needed a year to establish or re-establish a better relationship with the Lord, 2020 was the year to do it. If we needed more time for refining our walk with God, then some got that, too.

COVID-19 changed almost everything! This pandemic forced a great number of people to make alterations to their lifestyles, jobs, habits, routines, attitudes, hobbies, and health. Nine months of challenges like wearing masks, virtual learning, riots, financial hardships, pandemic fatigue, scandals, sickness, and death. 

We couldn’t visit our loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes; 

Doctors started implementing telemedicine into their practices;

Cruise ships stopped sailing.

Zoom, group chats, video calls, YouTube, and Facebook became some of our safest ways to have meetings, attend classes, make conference calls, and attend funerals and parties.

The impact of the numerous changes caused a great number of people to experience frustration, anger, depression, and anxiety.

The stimulus check wouldn’t supply our needs. 

God is still meeting needs and His word is steadily going forth. Closed church buildings were no excuse for not hearing the word of God.

A vaccine hasn’t been produced that can cure the deadliest disease on earth–HATE.  If we have His love deep in our hearts, hatred doesn’t have a chance.

We’ve had

The distractions–yet, God wants our attention on Him.

The cleaning–but, will we let God clean up our heart?

The shutdowns–and still, we can’t shut down sin from running rampant.

The sheltering in place wouldn’t be hard if we sheltered under the wings of The Almighty.

The weight gain would be welcomed if we gained it in more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

With the year coming to a fast end, many are taking a break from heeding the recommendations from the CDC guidelines. This behavior shouldn’t surprise us–we see it daily. Some people just won’t obey. Just like a lot of people won’t obey the LJC either (LORD JESUS CHRIST).

Until JESUS CHRIST is Lord in all areas of all of our lives, we will continue to be a divided nation.  It’s not about the president or any other politician.  The answer is not found in the mind of doctors or captains of industry.   We must embrace personal and national humility, seek God’s approval for our actions, flee from the arrogance of sin, and bow our knees to The Creator.

Sister Gloria Dobbs  – Words of  Life