July 31, 2016

47th SMBS and 69th General Assembly Convention


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By Elder Stacy Boyd – Pastor of Words of Life

Year after year, it becomes almost automatic to hear people say, “This was the best General Assembly ever!” I have occasionally uttered the same words, but this year, I have heard more and more people offer this superlative to the 2016 Sunday School Convention (SSC) and General Assembly (GA). When I have pressed them to identify what made it so great or when I have overhead their conversations regarding the same, several themes emerge: the love, peace, fellowship, and dynamic teaching. Praise God for how He answered our prayers concerning our conventions!

Several people received new assignments during the GA. Mother Claudette Boyd was named General Mother with Mother Lille Mae Stafford serving as her assistant. Minister Shedrick Pullin was named as the Assistant to the Sunday School Superintendent, and Philip Jackson was licensed as a minister of the gospel. We pray that God blesses all of them to fulfill His perfect will in their roles.

Many people work behind the scenes to make such conventions possible and want to take a moment to recognize them: musicians, choirs, audio team, ushers, cleaning crew, program designer, program committee, dormitory personnel, kitchen crew, grounds keeper, and security. Thank you!

You can view many of the evening services on our YouTube channel. Also, Sister LaTonya Dasher of Lucas Temple provides you with the following notes from the services:

The Sunday School Convention began with an eye opening question of “How did you lose your hunger for the Word?” Our General Superintendent of Sunday Schools Elder Emmitt Robinson, Jr., gave us scriptures to encourage us to regain our hunger and thirst for God’s Word. (Romans 6; Colossians 3:16, Romans 10:17, I Chronicles 16:11, Psalms 62:8, 34:1-4, St. John 15:9-15 and Revelations 6:3-4).

Elder Stacy Boyd on Monday Night brought to us several challenges to see if we were game on or game off? He began to see with the eyes of God. He explained to us that some have been deceived by the terms of their righteousness! (I John 3:6, St. John 8:44, 14:6, 10:7, Colossians 3:6(5-6) Ephesians 5:6 and I Corinthians 6:18) stating “Check your feelings against the Word of God!” He gave us insight on the four Lies that some have bought into: 1) It’s all about You. 2) There is more than one way to God. 3) Since God is Love, He won’t punish. 4) It’s Just Sex. These Lies have infiltrated the thoughts of some and have begun to eat at the sewn Word of God! We must rid ourselves of these lies by killing them out with the truth. THE WORD OF GOD! He also let us know that “Some Wives will miss the Kingdom because they are not treating their husbands with the kingdom attitude that we should have in obedience to God.”

The 69th General Assembly Convention began Tuesday with Elder Thomas Davis who urged us toWatch, Pray and Be encouraged to do the Right Thing!” Bishop Jeffries is our Leader and we follow after his vision by obeying him. (II John 1:8, Hebrews 13:7-9, 17-19 Romans 7:24, Ephesians 2:1, Matthew 7:21 St. John 8:28, 12:48 and Matthew 1:21)

Tuesday Night Elder Willie Mann taught that Love is of God! 1) Love yourself 2) Focus on the Word of God 3) Build your confidence in Jesus 4) Believe in Him! (I John 4:16, II Corinthians 6:11, St John 9:5) This was soul stirring!

Wednesday took off with panelists Minister Shedrick Pullin and Minister Dratin Castlin talking to us about “The Power of Love – How to embrace God’s True Love for Building Great Relationships” and “God’s Love Reaching Its Appointed Goal-Perfected Love.” They started with 1)Where that love comes from. (Proverbs 16; James 4:11 Romans 8:16 Ephesians 3:16-19) Love for one another. (Philippians 2:5, John 14:15, Romans 5:5, Hebrews 13:3(1-3), James 2:8-9, Luke 6:35, II Corinthians 8:4) 2) Communication is Key in Love. If you love someone you must communicate with them. (I John 4:12, Matthew 5:40, Romans 13:8, Romans 12:9-10)

Wednesday Night Elder Marvin Jones taught that the Word of God Is Love! See then that ye walk circumspectly! (I John 4:1, I Peter 4:17, Romans 13:10, Ephesians 5:15, I John 4:1, St. John 8:47 and Hebrews 10:24-25)

Thursday took off with panelists Minister Mark Taylor and Minister Terry Jeffries talking to us about “And Such Were Some of You… Do Saints Sometimes Forget This Fact”? “How to Overcome the Feeling of Guilt or Shame from Within” “Damaged and Broken (Ways to Rekindle a Lost Soul Back to Christ)” There is only One Way! (II Timothy 2:25) We are Free in God! We must show mercy toward on another! (Isaiah 55:7(11), Jeremiah 26:13 Obey the voice of God! We must let it Rule Richly! (Romans 8:4, Acts 17:30, Titus 2:11, Ephesians 2:4, Romans 5; Philippians 3:13)

Thursday Night Elder Dennis Jeffries spoke to us about Faith and the Grace of God! A willing Spirit! God is a perfect Listener! (II Corinthians 8:11, Ephesians 2:8, 3:17, Acts 17:27, II Corinthians 8; Titus 2:11, Mark 12:29-32)

Friday began with Panelists Minister Dwight Camp, Minister Willie Jones and Minister Charles Thomas “Why We Must Redeem The Time”, “Time for Fellowship (Why a Gathering of Christians Is So Much More Than Social Hour)” “A Strong Church (A Helpful Guide to Selecting a Church With Vision and For Spiritual Growth)” “Having Fervent Charity Among Ourselves” Love God, put that at the forefront! (Acts 5:32, Colossians 4:5, Romans 12:3, Mark 11:22, Romans 8:28, Matthew 1:21, II John 1:6-8, I John 4:7, John 14:15)

Friday Night Elder Emmitt Robinson Jr. talked to us about Building God a House! “We must go through the process in order to bear fruit, which is necessary to build the house of God. We must get the Holy Ghost” (Matthew 7:21, 24:27, James 1:2)

Saturday Morning, our Bishop Jeffries exclaimed aloud Be a Member in deed! (A True Church Member) Seek the Holy Ghost until you Get it! Get yourself right! (John 8:31, II Corinthians 5:17, I John 5:18-19, Matthew 12:31, Deuteronomy 6:4, Colossians 3:6, II Timothy 2:4, II Peter 3:9)

Saturday Night Elder Vista Jeffries spoke to us with inspiring words saying “It is time to seek the Lord! Let’s Go back to the basics! THE HOLY GHOST IS NECESSARY!” (Acts 2:36, Luke 24:45, II Peter 3:18, Matthew 6:33, I John 3:8, I Corinthians 6:9)

Sunday Morning Bible Class was taught by Elder Gary Battle who told us to “Walk in the Spirit! The secret to Life, starts with our thinking.” If we do that, then God does the work. He said to make up our mind to take action! Tell our mountain what God said. “DON’T USE OUR WORDS, USE GOD’S!” (Galatians 5:16-17, Hebrews 8:7, Mark 11:22)

Sunday Worship Remarks by Elder Willie Mann - God is Love! God is Wisdom!

Bishop Jeffries taught saying “That was the Beginning with the Word! Get the Holy Ghost! Send up prayers to God! (John 1:1-3, 10, 14, Isaiah 44:6, 43:10-11, Luke 2:11, Isaiah 44:24, I John 4:7, Roman 12:1, Ephesians 4:11, Matthew 5:48, Colossians 1:26-28)

Make God add a blessing to the hearers and doers of His word.


Thank God for the True
Church of God in Christ. We
are blessed to have the real true gospel of God’s salvation. The gospel was really manifested in the Saints during our 69th General Assembly. This was one of the best meetings ever. The love and fellowship was just wonderful. Everybody who participated did a great job. The songs, praise, talks, testimonies and offerings were inspirational. Most of all the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached with power and understanding. Truly God was with us.

Bishop Oprie Jeffries – Overseer


General Assembly 2016 was probably the best convention I’ve been to in all of my 21 years of being in the True Church of God in Christ Inc. The messages of love & devotion to God, the testimonies of deliverance & salvation, and the songs of healing & refuge in Christ reminded me just how good God is. Being a young man striving for holiness, my walk has had many ups and downs. The main thing I took away is that God loves me where I am & he’ll help me to get where I need to be. I walked away with more power and more confidence. I believe the thing I cherished most about this Assembly is that the Elders & Ministers focused more on everyone having a clear, concise understanding of the word, rather than making everyone shout. I truly enjoyed this Convention & I’m looking forward to living a more focused life for Christ.

Brother DeAnthony Miller – St. James


Praise the Lord! Saints!

I am so pleased to let you know about the Glorious time my husband and I had at this years’ SMBS Convention and the General Assembly. The Lord afforded us the opportunity to attend the entire week and my soul was blessed daily! Especially on Monday night of the Sunday Morning Bible School Convention. Elder Stacy Boyd really poured the word of God out. One particular golden nugget of information for me was very simple, yet extremely eye opening for me. He simply stated that ” You don’t have to understand to obey “. As a holy woman in the Truth, I have had an issue with that. Just obey, the Lord will reveal it to me if it is necessary in Due time, but Today and every other day Just Obey! Hallelujah!

Thank you Jesus! The General Assembly was also a wonderful blessing each and everyday! I just want to thank our Wonderful Bishop, Leader and General Overseer, Bishop Oprie Jeffries for continuing to stand Flat footed on the Apostles Doctrine and not allowing slackness to invade God’s Holy word. Thank you for guiding our Holy Elders and Ministers to perfection. We live in an evil and ever wicked world and we must maintain a STANDARD, no matter what!

To my pastor, Elder Emmitt Robinson Jr. I pray the Lord continues to heal you in the name of Jesus and bless you with as many years as possible to guide us on our Christian journey! People if you missed it you really missed a blessing and try just a little harder next time to make it. I love you all and look forward to next year if it is the Lords will.

Sister Natissa Whitehead – Augusta & Burke County


This 67th General Assembly was a week full of love, good heartfelt moments and togetherness. I especially enjoyed the way some of the pastors and the ministers directed their sermons towards the youth. Because of all the age groups we seem to have a hard time accepting God into our lives, but these services have showed us, especially me, that it’s not too late, there’s still time to get right and walk in the other direction. I enjoyed the services and being around good people to have good conversations. I feel as though this assembly was immensely successful.

Brother Donovan Jeffries – Chattanooga


I really enjoyed the services throughout this year’s 69th General Assembly. I left feeling inspired and even more so motivated to live for Christ.

Sister Cassidy Lawson – Lucas Temple

The enjoyed moments and the immense happiness I felt during this year’s General Assembly are quite indescribable. Rekindling my relationship with God and growing as a young sister in the faith, has reassured me in God’s love. My mind, body, and soul were touched as I felt a complete adrenaline rush throughout every service. This was truly captivating as I am now rejuvenated and eager to grow, wanting to be a part of the righteousness as they cry aloud.

Sister Amaiya N. Taylor – Henderson Temple

We always enjoy being the the saints, hearing the Word, and good singing.

Deacon & Sister Derrick Larry (Grindel) – Savannah

In this General Assembly, my soul was truly blessed and I got just what I came for. I am revived, renewed, and encouraged to continue my walk and to continue to press on. Speaker after speaker poured out their hearts under the anointing of God and a spirit of love and fellowship flowed through the Assembly.

Sister Nichelle Lemons – Lucas Temple

This year’s Sunday School Convention & General Assembly was one of the best because of so much love we showed and have for one another. The preaching was outstanding!

Mother Bessie Boyd – Words of Life

I thank God for being able to make the General Assembly in Atlanta. I had a glorious time. God was truly there. Every night the preacher was preaching on looking in the mirror and seeing where you really stand with God. I really enjoyed myself. I can say Amen to everything that was came forth. The word of God was truly coming from the pulpit and I took all of it in – even pieces of it that I didn’t understand. I’m going to need all of it in order for me to see Christ. I left Indiana to be in this service and I wanted to get something out of it. God truly blessed me and I want to thank him. I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.

Sister Edna Holmes- St. James

This year I really really enjoyed the General Assembly. Before it started, I was sick with a minor cold and I knew I had to sing a few times within the week. When I got to church, through prayer and through the service my voice quickly began to recover. I enjoyed Elder Stacy Monday night. I often go back and listen to his sermon. He said some things that I wasn’t expected to hear but it made me look at myself and question some things in my life. Elder Mann came through Tuesday night talking about love and it really encouraged me to strive to not just talk real love but to also show it. Then Wednesday night I was on program with my family to do devotional service. It’s always fun and a real joy to sing with them. My grandfather who is my pastor, Elder Marvin Jones Sr. came through wide open with the word of God. Thursday day service was great, Ministers Terry Jeffries and Mark Taylor did an amazing job. Thursday night Elder Dennis Jefferies spared nobody. He said some things that I may not have liked but he made me think and evaluate my well being and my spiritual life. Friday night service with Elder Robinson was very powerful. The Bible study with Bishop Jeffries was amazing. He gave encouraging words to our youth and really to everybody. What I took out of Bible study that Saturday morning is that “You shouldn’t talk people down nor the church because that’s not helping anyone.” Saturday night was the night that I sung with the mass choir and it’s always a joy and pleasure to sing with them. Brother Philip Jackson came through telling it like it is and what he was telling was nothing but the truth. Elder Vista Jefferies came through preaching the word of God with power from heaven and to close out the assembly was our great Sunday service. Bishop Jeffries did a splendid job and gave me alot of advice on how to deal with family, myself, relationships and how to live my life right. The fellowship was very much needed. I got a chance to be in service every night and be able to fellowship with people I haven’t talked to in a while. Before I left the assembly, I asked for Elder Dennis to pray for me for a new beginning and I am benefitting from it today. To see my cousin, Natoria commit her life to God made my heart rejoice and gave me an extra boost that you are never to young to start doing what’s right. I am so thankful for the assembly and yes I was live streaming from facebook as well. Everything was a great blessing and I am looking forward to the upcoming services. This church is indeed a great blessing in my life.  And for that I will always be grateful and this is forever my home church.

Sister Ashley Jones – Savannah

I truly had a wonderful time at the assembly. I feel that I have been blessed by each and every one of the messages I heard that week. This assembly helped me to change my mind about living right to a more positive talk and walk with Christ. If I had the chance to do it all over again I would because I believe that I made the best decision of my life by stepping out to start my walk on the path of righteousness.

Sister Natoria Jeffries  – Chattanooga, TN

As a sister in the True Church of God in Christ, this year’s General Assembly was the epidemy of a revival. As a sister, I felt revived, rejuvenated, and renewed in my spirit and mind. It was a refreshing event I thoroughly enjoyed.

Sister Tonya Taylor – Henderson Temple

I found this year’s Assembly to be truly amazing and unlike any other I have experienced in recent years. I often speak about this Gospel being one of love and reconciliation. Faithful and true words of life, knowledge, wisdom, and growth were shared during panel discussions, casual conversations, and preaching of the Gospel, trying to connect the lost, as well as the damaged and broken to Christ. With mine eyes, I witnessed the Spirit of the Lord move on the hearts and minds of the people.

Minister Marcus A. Taylor – Henderson Temple

I truly loved what my heart felt this General Assembly. Each night was food to my soul. On Sunday Bishop put it on the line so I have no room to fall. I was happy to see family members coming to Christ. I am running for my life.

Sister Alfredia Glenn – Lucas Temple

Greeting in the name of Jesus – Oooh what a time we had in our 47th Sunday school convention and 69th General Assembly convention. If you missed this meeting, you really missed a blessing from God. Great preaching each night from our Elders; Great teaching during the day with the minsters teaching on different topics giving us understanding of God’s Holy Word. Souls were saved. Spirits were up lifted. Love and joy unspeakable was among the saints of God. Oooh what a time, oh what a time we had in Jesus! Our very own Bishop Oprie Jeffries closed it out on Sunday. A spirit filled week I’m telling you.

The good news of saints going home from the hospital and others recovering and doing well, also lifted our spirits and built up our faith more in Christ. To see an 84 year old man preaching gave me joy to witness the spirit of God moving in him like it did. Saints let’s hold on and keep the faith until the end so that we can hear our God say “Well done thy good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world.” Won’t it be grand, won’t it be grand, when we see Jesus face to face. Be blessed saints.

Elder Emmitt Robinson, Jr. – Augusta & Burke County Pastor

Our 69th General Assembly was a powerful service all week long l enjoyed all of the talks, the songs and the word of God. It really was a blessing to me. I hated to see it end.

Mother Carrie Davis – St. Paul

This year’s General Assembly was outstanding! I was really blessed by the Word from all the Elders. I appreciate them getting on us about how we need to start perfecting our lives and tightening up. They have given us the tools to get into the Kingdom and all we have to do is be obedient. I really thank God for the truth that we get in the True Church.

Sister Leslie Bridges – St. James

I really enjoyed our 69th General Assembly. I was going through some personal issues. I attended service every night. I enjoyed every Elder and Ministers that preached the word. God removed things I was going through. I know it came through the word of God. The gospel that is being taught has been a blessing in my life. I feel this was the best General Assembly and a lot of people were blessed, including me. I feel very blessed to be a part of Lucas Temple True Church of God in Christ.

Sister Charlene Carter – Lucas Temple


I was so thankful to the Lord Jesus that I was able to attend as many of the services that I did and was heartbroken when I couldn’t make it. In each service, I was able to sit towards the front which allowed me to focus my attention even more on what was happening. This year was my first time singing with the Convention Mother’s Choir and that was indeed an honor.  This was THE best General Assembly that I have ever attended.  It was absolutely AMAZING and I am still so extremely happy about being a part of it!!!

I would like to thank the Media Team for their outstanding work in streaming the services during the General Assembly which made it possible for anyone interested to be a part of the services electronically when  they weren’t able to be in attendance physically.  May you continue to be a blessing to the True Church of God in Christ and to all that love and desire the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sister Billene Henderson – Lucas Temple

This General Assembly was truly a blessing to me. It has helped me to continue in my spirtual walk. Looking forward to 2017.

Sister Pam Stokes – Burke County

The General Assembly was a blessing to me.  I enjoyed the evening services and Sunday Morning Bible Study was great.  Each message was timely and Bishop put the icing on the cake.  It was one of the best ones.  The fellowship was good and everyone seemed as if they really was enjoying themselves.

I really enjoyed it, it seemed short this year though but was still good. I am looking  for classes during the day soon. I think that would be great and it is badly needed.

Mother Hazel Battle – Lucas Temple

The Assembly was good singing and good preaching!  Elder Isiah Boyd – Words of Life

I truly enjoyed the convention. I think that this was the best one yet. I did not see or feel anything, BUT love. It seem like others were like me – Happy to be there and glad to see/greet each other with love and a Holy kiss with a big smile.

Mother Bettye Davenport – Lucas Temple

The Lord blessed me tremendously during our 69 General Assembly. To hear all the preaching and teaching we received, my soul was truly blessed. We as members don’t have an excuse because we receive the true Word of God each and every week from our Elders and our great Bishop  Jeffries. He is a true man of God who lives just what he preaches. I remember my very first General Assembly 27 years ago and I tell you it has gotten better and better each year. Can’t wait until the next one.

Thank God

Deacon James Freeman – Lucas Temple

The General Assembly was very inspirational to me.

Mother Geneva Freeman – Lucas Temple

This General Assembly was very beautiful and spiritual feeling.

Sister Christine Lawson – Lucas Temple


Thank God for the General Assembly. It was really, really great and so inspiring. Thank God for the love that we have for one another. It was one of the best we have had. It was a blessing to me. All the elders and ministers brought great messages. Everyone on program did a great job.

Mother Susie Tunstall – Henderson Temple

It was one of the best!

Brother Paul Robinson – Lucas Temple

Thank God for all his many blessings. My name is Lisa Lemons of Lucas Temple. Because of a major surgery that I had in June, I was unable to attend the Convocation this year, but thank God for modern technology I was able to attend on Live Stream. It was so real that I became emotional because I felt that the only thing that I was missing was me physically being there to fellowship with the saints, to give hugs, kisses, and hand shakes to my brothers and sisters. I felt the power of the service through the video and shed tears several days. So much love was shown to me from some of the saints because of the visits that I received during that time in between services. I was elated because at a time that was so important to me I was not forgotten.

The instructions that I received from the preachers was that whatever you do in every aspect of your life The Holy Spirit is Essential, and you have to be Purged in order to receive it. The Holy Spirit will help you to walk into Obedience without Attitude. I know that if I apply this to my life then; when I see Jesus he will say well done thy good and faithful servant. God is so good to me and believe I’ll run on to the end because I want Eternal Life.