May 31, 2016

67th Sisters of Unity Convention


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full viewIn our 67th Sisters of Unity Convention, we learned that our unity must be bonded by love, obedience, and submission,  and that love itself is the bond to perfection. We must love God and each other to the degree that we do not sin.  Unity and love was demonstrated throughout this convention. Each day began with an uplifting praise and worship service. These sisters came together in Christ to give God all the glory.  Members and visitors felt welcome by the love and serenity demonstrated by the mistresses  of ceremonies. Remarks on Perfecting the Bond of Unity by Elder Mann were outstanding, and the words of wisdom by our Church Mothers and Sisters were inspiring and encouraging. The Saturday information sessions were beneficial to all those who attended.  The food during the convention was superb as usual.  All of the songs and selections during the convention were uplifting.  Most importantly, each day, a thought provoking message was delivered by our Elders and then our Bishop. We believe God was in the midst of us during this convention.

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