Bishop Willie Lucas

 Bishop Willie Fred Lucas was born on June  11, 1914 to the late Bishop Willie L. Lucas  and Hattie Dodson Lucas in Stockbridge, GA.  He later married Annie Bell Charleston. They  were married for fifty four years and were  blessed with four children.

 Bishop Lucas was an accomplished man,  both spiritually and naturally. He served in the  United States Army during World War II. He  was a master stone mason by trade, and his  artistic work can be seen throughout the  metro Atlanta area. Although he studied for a  short while in seminary, Bishop Lucas was  taught of God and was a master teacher of  the Bible. He started the Monday night Bible  study that still continues in the church that  bears  his name—Lucas Temple True Church of God in Christ in Scottdale, GA.

As a spiritual leader, Bishop W. F. Lucas gave forty-seven years of unselfish service to the church and congregation. He worked and built the church on a solid foundation. Under his leadership and God’s anointing, the church grew and prospered, providing a place to worship for the saints and a refuge for many lost souls. Through his ministry the Lord blessed ministers to go out and establish churches throughout the states of Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The current sanctuary could not hold all of the many members, ministers, and pastors who were baptized and received teaching from Bishop Lucas. The metro area not only bears the imprint of his stone work, but also bears the imprint of his labor in the gospel.

Bishop W. F. Lucas was a man with great love who desired that all souls be saved. His light shined like the brightest star, and he governed the church with humility. He was a great role model to all mankind. With much patience and wisdom, he brought peace with him. He preached and taught the word of God with power and lived a righteous life. He touched so many people and made a positive difference in so many lives, teaching families how to live together in harmony.

Bishop W.F. Lucas will always be remembered with love and thanksgiving for all the love, guidance, and help that he displayed to everyone.