43rd Elder Board Convention

November 23, 2019

43rd Elder Board Convention (Calendar View, Church, Events, News, Past Events, Up Coming Events)

Cynthia Sims

November 23, 2019 - November 23, 2019

6:00pm – 9:00pm

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[Saturday, November 23 at 6:00 p.m.]
[Praise and Worship: Deacons Jarrod Lucas, Martin Pullin and Cameron Searcy]
[Mistresses of Ceremonies: Sisters Jada Herrington and Karen Herrington]
[Welcome: Minister Marcus Taylor][Duet: Brother Kevin Jones and Sister Devin Jones]
[Remarks: Brother Jackie Dasher (He’s a Way Maker)]
[Inspirational Remarks and Praise Song: Elder Vista Jeffries
[Offering and Reports][Music: Augusta/Burke County, Hope of Glory, Saint James, Words of Life]
[Word of God: Elder Dennis Jeffries and Minister Terry Jeffries, Jr. ]
[Invitational Closing Remarks and Dismissal: Bishop Oprie Jeffries]