July 2, 2017

God’s Garden


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This story is about being repotted. This could be about you or anybody else. But mainly, I’ll talk about me. I am Sister Gloria Dobbs of Word of Life True Church.

I’m the plant in God’s garden. I’ve been a seed that was planted in good soil. I’ll admit I grew up around a lot of thorns and grass. The thorns are my enemies -the grass is the world.
I don’t know what type of flower I am until I bloom. God saw fit to uproot me and move me to a better place, where I can have the right nutrients I need to grow to become what he designed me to be.

I’ve learned over the years that sometimes you have to repot a plant because:
the plant needs room to spread it roots
there is too much grass surrounding the plant
the roots are damaged
the leaves turning brown
better soils is needed
the plant needs better drainage
Or, it just wants a prettier pot.

I’ve been allowed to grow in all these situations. Now it’s time to leave the pot and move to a better place, God’s garden. I’m not a cactus that doesn’t require a lot of water or maintenance to survive. Water is God’s word, and maintenance is God’s love.

I’ve been in the dessert where water was scarce and that’s no place for me to be. I’m not that kind of plant. I needed more attention and water. The air (surroundings) was dry and God’s water and love was very hard to find. It seemed as the Son (sun) was always burning at me and I was in need of protection from the heat. I wasn’t in the right soil to grow like I should.

I was uprooted many times and was in pots (surroundings) that didn’t have enough drainage. The atmosphere for my growth was better, and was getting enough water but my roots were not soaking up water and I still couldn’t grow like I should. I was shielded from the Son and was given artificial sun -light. I was weak and needed the real thing. Some plants thrived in this environment I was in, but I still didn’t show much signs of growth.

I’ve been planted outside in flowerbeds where I grew, but also the grass (the world) grew faster. Sometimes growing into the space where my roots should have been. Every once in a while, the grass was pulled up around me and part of my roots would be taken too. Bugs would fly around me and eat at me. (Bugs of worry and doubt.) Trying to eat away at my soul.
I was out of place and in need of better surroundings.

My hope was to be planted somewhere, where the soil (surroundings) would be good. Where there’s plenty of God’s Son. Where I could get enough fertilizer (Sunday school & Bible study) , where I could be in the right soil and have adequate drainage. Watered with the word of God where I would never be thirsty.
(Church preaching and teaching the word)

My hope is now becoming a reality. Now I’ve been planted in God’s garden. That doesn’t mean I’m protected from the storms that come. No, I’m still going through storms. But my roots are stronger now and I can weather the storms. I’m growing and I’m not quite ready to bloom yet, but I am surrounded by different types of plants that are growing and flourishing like I am.

God is my gardener and he keeps the grass and thorns from choking out my roots. Of course in this garden there are only selected plants and we all can interact with each other in perfect harmony.
God has a border around us and he has many gardens on earth. Some of his gardens are in dessert places, rain forest and jungles. Sometimes people can’t see God’s garden because of all the things that surround it. Sometimes he let’s us grow in different environments so when he uproots us, we can thrive and grow.

As I look back and see all the places I’ve been, I thank God for planting me among roses, cactuses , herbs, crepe myrtles, and even some oak trees. I’ve been alone just like a flower coming up in the concrete. I didn’t have much soil to grow in, but, God has put in me the will to live on. I’ve been placed in grassy areas where the grass would almost choke me and God’s grace and mercy found me and moved me to a better place. God always supplied me with water but some of the plants around me would have diseases and pass them on to all the plants that surrounded them. Of course, I was one of the ones affected by one of the diseases. It didn’t kill me, but, I was moved again and put into another place where I could become stronger and fight off the effects of the disease. (Sin)

I’m growing but I’m not sure what I’ll be, but when the time comes, my hope is to bloom into the plant, flower, or tree that God has design for me to be.



Gloria Dobbs

by Sister Gloria Dobbs