Pastor Dennis Jeffries – Saint James

Elder Dennis Jeffries Sr. was born the youngest of six on May 19, 1968 to our current Bishop Oprie Jeffries and the late Mother Mozelle Jeffries. Elder Jeffries is now pastoring the church that he took his very first steps in. He has been a part of the True Church of God in Christ his entire life, first being baptized at the youthful age of six.

Elder Jeffries graduated from Lithonia High in 1986 and began working his first full time position at Ralph Wilson Plastic, now known as Wilsonart International. Exercising his loyalty, Pastor Jeffries has been dedicated to serving Wilsonart for thirty-two years.

At the age of nineteen and with a new level of maturity Elder Jeffries recommitted his life to God, laying the foundation for his lifelong commitment to serving God.  Within that same year on June 12, 1988, he was joined in holy matrimony to Ms. Patricia Tillman. Elder and Sister Jeffries are the proud parents of three wonderful children, Bro Dennis Jr., Bro Denote’, and Sis. Deanna.

Advancing both spiritually and within the True Church of God in Christ, Elder Jeffries was appointed a deacon in the 90’s, serving faithfully to then, Elder Oprie Jeffries at Saint James. Bishop Bobbie Lawson saw a gift in Deacon Jeffries and decided to ordain him a Minister of the Gospel in August 2002 at Henderson Temple.

While then Elder Oprie Jeffries supported the Headquarters location during Bishop Lawson’s illness, Minister Jeffries began to take on more of an overseer roll at St. James and upon the passing of Bishop Lawson and the appointment of Bishop Jeffries, Minister Jeffries was installed as Elder and Pastor of St. James in 2007.

Pastor Jeffries has an insatiable passion to reach the hearts of the people, in so much that he developed a mentor/discipleship program at St. James to evoke the youth to “sell out” to the Will of God and become a true living testimony of Holiness. He has a strong commitment to share the joy of God’s love through dynamic praise & worship, outreach, fellowship, and courageous discipleship.