Pastor S. Boyd – Words Of Life

Pastor S. Boyd is a third-generation True Church of God in Christ preacher. His grandparents, Mother Bessie Boyd and the late Elder Isiah Boyd, Sr. brought their ten children to the Lucas Temple True Church of God in Christ in Scottdale, GA, in the early 1960s. Pastor Boyd’s parents, Minister Irvin L. Boyd, Sr. and General Mother Claudette Boyd, were raised in the True Church, too. They embraced holiness and nurtured Pastor Boyd and his siblings to love God and serve the church.

In his youth, Pastor Boyd worked in the church until he went to college. The saints continued to pray for and encourage him. Bishop Lucas prophesied that Pastor Boyd would “be a great man in this world or the world to come.” Pastor Boyd came to realize that greatness is not measured by a person’s professional stature or financial status, but rather by the degree to which one serves God and others. After earning a B.A., 2 M.A.s, and a Ph.D., Pastor Boyd maintained his connection with the True Church, sought God for the Holy Ghost, and began working with the people who interceded in prayer for him, laid hands of deliverance on him, and fed the bread of life to him. He made a decision based on the faith that God would order his steps. Rather than pursuing out-of-state career opportunities and the invitations to work with other church and parachurch organizations, Pastor Boyd chose to stay with the True Church. “Why would I leave the True Church now,” he thought, “when I can finally be of some use to it?” He felt he owed God and True Church some of his time, treasure, and talents. Thus began the fulfillment of Bishop Lucas’s prophecy.

Bishop Oprie Jeffries and the Board of Elders licensed Pastor Boyd as a minister during the 2009 General Assembly. After serving at Lucas Temple for one year, Pastor Boyd became the Assistant Pastor of St. James True Church of God in Christ in Lithonia, GA, in 2010 at the invitation of Elder Dennis Jeffries. In March of 2014, after three years of service at St. James, Bishop Jeffries assigned Pastor Boyd back to Lucas Temple as the adult Sunday school teacher. In December 2015, Bishop Jeffries appointed Pastor Boyd as the Pastor of Words of Life in Austell, GA (then known as Deliverance Temple). He ordained him as an Elder on January 31, 2016, during the first Youth Convention.

Pastor S. Boyd is married to Sister Lilly, the daughter of Assistant General Mother Lily Stafford and the late Deacon William Stafford of Barnesville, GA. Lilly holds a B.B.A. and an M.B.A. Pastor Boyd and Sister Lilly have two children, Nathaniel and Nadia.