Pastor Vista Jeffries – Lucas Temple

A man of love, a man of faith. Elder Jeffries has been a dedicated member of the True Church since the age of 14 and the pastor of Chattanooga True Church for over 10 years. Elder Jeffries is a ready and willing pastor to serve those under his leadership. As a servant first and then a leader he tirelessly encourages all to follow God’s plan of life as outlined in the King James Version of the holy bible. He is a Pastor who goes above and beyond and believes in the potential that lies in an individual’s life. He is sincere to his calling and is one who encourages and prays for people; he always has a listening ear.

Elder Jeffries is a pastor that loves – not just to those who love him but all that he knows. His actions and messages to the congregation always come from the center of God’s word. He believes in the good of people and is a constant reminder that you are destined to have a better life by turning your life over to God. He is driven by his passion for serving God and his vision for God’s plan.

Elder Jeffries works faithfully in the True Church with energy, passion, grace and without complaint. Even though he is a pastor, he is an extraordinary servant always giving honor to God first and the leaders that stood before him. He advises us to follow him as he follows Christ. He is not just a Sunday pastor but is on call at almost any time to all those that need him.

He and his wife Sister Toni R Jeffries have been married since May 6, 1995 and are the parents of 3 beautiful children (Marshae, Natoria and Victoria Jeffries). He is a loving husband and father who goes to great lengths as the leader in his home. Instructing them to hear God; draw near to God; honor God; give God all. He not only instructs, but as a leader he exemplifies the same.