Fasting and Prayer Bible Study


Pastor S. Boyd and V. Jeffries



The purposes of the True Church prayer line are to unite the Saints in
prayer and fellowship and to elevate their minds toward the things of
God. The prayer line started on September 17, 2013 by then Minister
Stacy Boyd as a response to Bishop Jeffries’ observation that the Church
needed to be stronger. After hearing this observation, he was moved
to consider what could be done to strengthen the Church. After a period
of time, Elder Stacy Boyd invited about 12 members to pray with him on a conference
call about this issue.

For several weeks, they prayed once a week at 10:30 am and invited
other Saints to join them. The faithful few decided to do a 30 days of
prayer campaign during which they prayed every day for a month. The
Spirit of God moved among the praying Saints as they prayed on that
prayer conference. During one of those fervent sessions, in the 30 days
of prayer campaign, Mother Stafford asked God to “let the prayer line
continue until You return.” After hearing that prayer and seeing how
encouraged the Saints were by the prayer line, Elder Boyd decided to move the
prayer to 8:30 am daily. Although he did not intend for the prayer line
to be an ongoing thing, he asked God to give him the motivation and
ability to coordinate the prayer conference indefinitely.

In July of 2014, Michael Stafford joined him as a moderator on the
prayer line, with Minister Irvin Boyd, Sr. joining the staff in 2015.
One of the yearly highlights has been the midnight prayers hosted by
Bishop Jeffries on New Year’s Eve. We celebrate the variety of people
and prayer styles and are committed to maintaining a prayer line focused
on open unity through prayer.

At this time, the prayer line is available for True Church members to
call in for daily prayer at 8:30 am. Please contact Elder Stacy Boyd at
404-247-9299 to get the conference phone number and access code.