September 1, 2017

Searching? by Sister Gloria Dobbs (Words of Life True Church Member)

The question is: Do we search for God the same way we search for our phone, tablet or other electronic devices?

I had the experience of moving my daughter’s tablet where I knew she would overlook it. She looked for it like it was the only thing important in her life. Overlooking the things that needed her attention more. I asked her, ” do you search for God like you do your tablet.” I got a blank stare that told me she didn’t. I then thought about the question and asked myself the same question. I had to admit that I take my tablet almost everywhere I go and if I leave it behind I may have to turn around or leave where I am to go get it. If I leave it at home I may have to use my phone to transact business when I need it for work.

My life does require me to have electronic devices, but if I lost them or misplaced them I would be at a disadvantage because I keep a lot of information on my tablet. The question is still the same, ‘do you search for God the same way…..?’

My answer is YES’.

At one time in my life, I would have had to answer ‘NO’. I would have searched high and low trying to find my device. Even using someone else’s device to try to locate mine.

In this age of cell phones, computers, tablets and other devices I wonder how many people actually use them to find God. I thank God for these devices that make life a little easier, but what are the drawbacks of having all of this information at your fingertips? Are we more spiritual, are we more Holy, are we more righteous? Are we watching things that we shouldn’t, are we surfing the World Wide Web for information that’s not important or nurturing to our spiritual mind and soul? Are we playing too many games or talking too much and not noticing what’s going on around us? Are we neglecting our children, spouse, family or friends because we can’t put our devices down?

We have access to almost anything that we can imagine but are we neglecting our soul? Our minds are occupied and distracted by what we see and hear on these devices, they can go with us almost everywhere and they pacify us when we’re bored. Is this really living or are we walking around like the ‘walking dead’?