May 30, 2018

Sister of Unity 2018 Summary


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Mother Claudette Boyd – True Church General Mother

What a time! What a time! What a time!  The 2018 Sisters of Unity Convention was truly a sight to behold.   The preaching, teaching and praising were comparable to the old time way.  It appears that the True Church was elevated this year–that we somehow drew closer to God with our worship as the week progressed.
On Wednesday night, Elder Davis admonished the saints to enter in at the straight gate while Elder Jones reminded us on Thursday night to present our bodies as a living sacrifice because we can’t hide from God.  Friday night Elder Robinson asked if we knew what time it was and then answered that it was time to get back to the word of God.
Saturday began with a fellowship breakfast and an icebreaker that encourage teamwork.  The afternoon progressed with informative sessions such as natural hair care, finding balance for the working mom and rekindling marriages.  There was also a fabulous luncheon where participants sported tiaras to symbolize that we are holy women and part of the royal priesthood!  The speaker on Saturday night was Elder Dennis Jeffries who informed us that we must first be a saint before God will perfect us.  Our Great Bishop Jeffries on Sunday morning continued with the subject of perfection.  He stated that it is the preachers’ job to perfect the saints but that God gives the increase.
This convention was one of the best yet!  We exhibited that we are indeed holy women through our service, through our worship, through our love and fellowship and most importantly through our obedience to the leadership and the one true God.  Thanks be to the most high who honored us with his presence and once again allowed our spirits to be renewed.  Until the next convention, be encouraged and may God be with you all!

Mother Lilly Stafford, – Assistant General Mother

I thoroughly enjoyed the 69th Sister’s Convention from the fellowship to the Word of God.   I enjoyed the fellowship with the mothers, sisters, and saints. There was so much love, encouraging words, and smiles shown between the mothers and sisters. In addition, I enjoyed the devotional services especially how anointed and spiritual they were. The words of wisdom were delightful and on point, just what we needed in these troubled times. Everyone on program appeared to embrace the word of God that came forth. Lastly, the Word of God was preached with boldness and power.  Bishop’s closing words were full of wisdom making you look forward to more. I thank God for allowing me to attend this year’s Sister’s Convention because it was truly a blessing to my soul.





Mother Barbara Jones – Abundant Grace  (Savannah, GA)

Glory, praise and honor to God for the 69th Sisters of Unity Convention. The Holy Scriptures that were preached, the testimonies of deliverance that were given and the songs of praise that exalted His holy name were indeed a blessing to me spiritually and naturally. A resounding, “Thank you” to all who went above and beyond to make it great.







Mother Christine Brown – Henderson Temple  (Thomaston, GA)

Our Sisters Convention was great and blessed with much love. I thank the Lord for Mother Mann, Sister Searcy, and Sister Allen for representing Henderson Temple. One thing that I admire the most is that sister Allen reminded us of our Mothers who have passed on; for our Mothers should always be remembered. I also admire Mother Barbara Jones as she gave us words of wisdom. It was what we needed and was well said.  We all must submit to the will of God. I enjoyed the praises and the worship; it brought me much joy in the Lord. All the Elders brought the word of God with power from on high. Lastly, I thank the Lord for our General Mother, Mother Claudette Boyd and our Assistant General Mother, Mother Lilly Mae Stafford for uniting all of us together for this convention. The Lord brought us much love; everyone did an outstanding job.





Mother Cassandra Camp – St. James (Lithonia GA)

The 69th Sisters of Unity service was edifying and uplifting with wonderful testimonies, devotion services, and the Word of God from our Pastors. I was happy to see Brother Joe Robinson praising and testifying about God healing him.

I would like to thank Mother Claudette Boyd and Mother Stafford for the wonderful things they are doing for the Mothers and Sisters such as creating the Mozelle Jeffries Women of Excellence Scholarship and creating activities and workshops for the Mothers and Sisters to fellowship. I believe that Mother Jeffries would be proud of the direction that we’re going in.






Mother Myra Haynes – Lucas Temple (Scottdale, GA)

Sisters of Unity was great! I thought it was one of the best ones we’ve ever had. I enjoyed all the services. Everybody was very enthusiastic. I thank the Lord that I could be in another Sisters Convention.








Mother Nell Davis – St. Paul (Warner Robins)

This has been the best Sisters convention that I have ever attended. To witness the power of God moving as it did, I don’t think I will ever be the same. Our God is a powerful God. If you were there and you didn’t feel anything you are dead and need to be quicken by God’s spirit.








Mother Bessie Boyd – Words of Life (Austell, GA)

I think this year’s Sisters Convention was one of the best. And, I think that we were more together; especially in spirit, in love and in peace. It was simply beautiful. Everyone that got up to speak did an excellent job.