June 5, 2017

Sisters of Unity Remarks


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The 68th Sisters Convention was a joyful journey indeed! It was an event where attendees encountered learning, laughter and love in God’s sanctuary.

Our elders truly expounded on the word of God throughout the week.  On Wednesday night Elder Mann reminded us to have faith in God while on Thursday, Elder Jones encouraged us that with God we can do all things.   Elder Robinson Jr., asked us to examine our works on Friday night.

Saturday was chock-full of fun and fellowship including breakfast, games and education sessions such as postpartum depression, virtuous women, health and wellness and self-esteem.  The educational sessions concluded with an informative yet entertaining fashion show that highlighted modest fashions at reasonable prices.  The activities ended with a tea luncheon where some ladies showcased outrageous hats for fun.  What a wonderful day of Godly fellowship!

Our speaker on Saturday night was Elder S Boyd who urged us all to fall in love with Jesus.  Bishop Jeffries concluded our convention on Sunday with a wonderful sermon in which he gave instructions on how the aged women should teach the young women to love their families and to live like holy women.

This convention was a great occasion to behold. Our journey to please God was filled with exceeding joy and we are blessed that God allowed us to embark on such a joyful journey!


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Mother Claudette Boyd – True Church General Mother


Thank God for such a delightful journey during the Sister’s Convention. I left with hope knowing that God is in total control. He is truly leading our General Mother, our church mothers and myself. I love how our General Mother is constantly asking God for wisdom. I also want to be a blessing to our great church. I’m asking God to help me dedicate my life to him more and more and that I may be a blessing. I want to encourage all the sisters to stand strong in Jesus. I am praying daily for our great church and the Holy Elders and our great Bishop. I pray God will make all of us one in spirit and love.


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Mother Lilly Stafford, – Assistant General Mother