November 3, 2017

The Questions of our Faith in God


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Bible study with Pastor Stacy Boyd
Reference Daniel 3 

Can you imagine having faith so strong in God that no matter what you are up against you know you’ll overcome that situation or circumstance ?
You may be faced with fiery circumstances where you can’t see your way through.  The ones pushing you into the fire won’t survive because the heat from flames  is too much for them …..they’re pushing you .
You will walk through by God’s Grace.
They will fall from the heat.
You have Gods’ protection.
They have instant destruction.

You go through clothed with your fire protection which is the gospel of truth, the Helmet of salvation , shoes of peace, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit.  Once properly dressed we find that we can conquer anything through Christ ,who is our only source of help. (Ephesians‬ ‭6:13-17‬ )
How strong is our faith is the number one question we can ever ask ourselves.  We may have some doubts about the faith we have and in some cases we might not have it at all.  I’ve heard,  “if we have mustard seed faith we can move mountains”, but what about fire quenching, storm chasing, and battle fighting faith?  Can others take shelter in our faith? Is it as strong as the three Hebrews  in the third chapter of Daniel?
Will we not bow to the world and their god’s ?
Will we be committed to the one and true God?
Will we trust God to do what he has purposed in our lives and whether he delivers us or not stand faithful and obedient in serving him and only him?
Will we not allow others to influence us to do things we aren’t and shouldn’t be doing?
Can we stand strong in the mist of adversity, calamity, diversity and uncertainty?
Can we sincerely say that we are sold out for Christ?
If we can honestly answer these questions with a “YES LORD, YES “, then you won’t have to ask yourself the next few questions?
What’s keeping me from having mountain moving faith?  What weights am I holding on to?  Who is holding me back from reaching my full potential in Christ. Why am I so stubborn?  Is what I’m holding on to really worth it?
So many questions,  God knows the answers
It’s up  to us to be truthful to ourself and get to the root of our own situation with not being fully committed to God.
That’s all God wants from us!
Full commitment.
Written by:  Sister Gloria Dobbs