April 11, 2020

Week of Consecration


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All services will be on the prayer conference line.

Sunday, April 12
 8:30am prayer
 7:30pm Elder Dennis Jeffries

Monday, April 13
 8:30am prayer
 12pm Elder Emmitt Robinson, Jr.
7:30pm Elder Vista Jeffries

Tuesday, April 14
 8:30am prayer
 12pm Elder Gary Battle
7:30pm Elder Marvin Jones

Wednesday, April 15
 8:30am prayer
 11am Bishop Oprie Jeffries
7:30pm Elder Dwight Camp

Thursday, April 16
 8:30am prayer
 12pm Elder Terry Jeffries
7:30pm Elder Willie Mann

Friday, April 17
 8:30am prayer
 12pm Elder Thomas Davis
7:30pm Bishop Oprie Jeffries


 We will break our fast after the 7:30pm Friday service by eating a meal with our families in our own homes.