September 20, 2019

Who Wouldn’t Serve A God Like This? -Joe Robinson


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“Who Wouldn’t Serve A God Like This?”

I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the many blessing and the favor that he has shown me as I go through my current affliction. I started off traveling to Buford, GA three days per week for Hyperbaric treatments. The treatment normally run $125 and up. The owner offered me my treatment for $70 per session (God smiled on me). Between the travel and the two hours treatment, this took over 15 hours weekly and the drive back often reduced the success of the treatment.

Members of my team at work created a GoFundMe account to help me with the expenses. One of the runners family that I have known and coached for over ten years saw the GoFundMe site and arranged to get their chamber in my home within two days, even thou they were out of town. They said I could use it until I was able to purchase my own. This chamber was purchased from the same facility that I go for treatment and was the exact same chamber that they use at the site. (Look at the God we serve working)

We were all thinking that the GoFundme account would raise a little money to help with the travel and treatment, but God’s plan was different. With the support of my co-workers, the running community that I coach in and members of the church, over $12,000.00 was raised within ten days.

The facility where I go for Hyperbaric treatments was asking for almost $2,800 to rent a chamber for a month, or $25,000 to purchase one with the rental fee going toward the purchase price. But God stepped in again. A friend’s children saw the GoFundMe site; and offered to help by selling me her Hyperbaric chamber for $12,000. She purchased it from the place that I go to for treatments. It is the same chamber that I use at the facility.

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It has been such a blessing, to eliminate the hours of traveling and to have the ability to access the chamber more frequently. Since I have been able to enter the chamber daily, my pain level has been reduced tremendously. We are still working to duplicate the combinations of treatments that allowed me to walk for short periods of time. Although I have been suffering with my affliction for over 2.5 years, I know that God is still in the healing business and in due time I will be made whole again.

I am sincerely grateful for the show of love and support that I have received from such caring people; and to see that my labor of love does not go unnoticed.

Brother Joe Robinson – Lucas Temple Member

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