March 2, 2016

Youth Convention Summary


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On January 29th thru 31st the True Church of God in Christ hosted the first Youth Conference. The conference was a huge success! The involvement from the youth proved the progression of our church. Not only was the youth actively involved but they left feeling more important, more empowered, and connected to Christ.. The youth were seen really enjoying getting involved in the lessons & showcasing their talents. Elder Vista Jeffries and others really helped “Ignite the Fire” within the Youth with their powerful lessons. Included are just a few opinions from the Youth. The theme “Ignite The Fire” was nothing less than a true depiction of what took place. God is moving through our Youth!

summary5I want to thank God for all the Saints of the True Church of God in Christ for making our first youth convention a great success. I believe that God blessed us to demonstrate his love towards our young people. Every service was uplifting and the young people seemed to be edified and encouraged. We wanted our young people to know that they play an important role in today’s church. All they have to do is stay with the church; and strive to obey the gospel that they are being taught. We also thank God that so many were glad to use their talents in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that if we can keep our young people in the church and help them become Saints, then the True Church will continue to grow until the Lord returns.
Bishop Oprie Jeffries – Overseer of the True Church

I had a great time and enjoyed each day. Minister Terry and everyone else were great Saturday. The topics were good for the ages. Sunday was perfect!  Meaghan Fedrick – Augusta

The sessions that we had during the day and night were startlingly impressive. I honestly thought the ministers and the pastors were mostly going to talk about what we shouldn’t do. Instead, they discussed dating that honors God, how to have a high self-esteem, and God’s design for sex. Before I went to the sessions, I thought that we couldn’t do really any kind of dating but Minister Boyd in particularly, talked about how he and his wife did “chaste dating” – Which was very relieving to hear because now I have a clear understanding on how to date but be honorable in it. I really enjoyed the sessions and would like to do it again in the future.  Donovan Jeffries – Chattanooga, TN.

summary2I learned that God made me special. Even when you do bad God still loves you.  I learned that everyone has a talent. You can share your talent with everyone.  My favorite part was “The Band” because in Psalms 100 it says “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…” and that is what they did. I also liked the choir and the food was delicious. People came on Friday night to fellowship.
Rachel Miller – Deliverance Temple 

I enjoyed it. They took their time with us.  Matthias Miller – Deliverance Temple

I thought the youth convention was a very good opportunity for people my age to get outside of our normal groups of people that we generally talk to and get to know others. I think some of us, if not all, created bonds with people we never thought we would have a connection with. The youth convention also opened some doors on different topics. We were able to go in depth about things that we normally don’t talk about during regular services . Over all, it was a great experience for me. I learned a lot of things and thought about things I never thought about before when it comes to the bible and what God expects from us. I definitely think if we were to do this again I would be there and invite more people to come out.
Kim Green – Chattanooga, TN

summary00I had a great time and enjoyed each day. Minister Terry & everyone else were great Saturday. The topics were good for the ages. Sunday was perfect!                            Paul Stafford – Henderson Temple

I thought that the youth convention benefitted the youth and purged our minds from most of the worldly thoughts that some could have had. I also think that it taught young men and women that it’s okay to be different juxtaposed to the world.
Tyler Stokes – Burke County

The Youth Convention was very much enjoyable. I was exhilarated to be apart of the talent show, seeing everyones expertise and exhibiting my own! Definitely enjoyed the different sessions that was provided for us throughout the convention. I am pleased to say after it was over, I was still enthused! Hopefully this wonderful Convention will continue and open up many doors for us youth.Cassidy Lawson – Lucas Temple

I think the convention went very well. The youth convention was a really good church experience.This gave kids the chance to learn about God and have fun simultaneously. In my personal opinion, we should do it every year. It helped me learn more about God. If we continue to advance further with the youth convention more kids will want to come. I would like to personally thank whoever put together and started the youth convention.  Brandon Jeffries – Chattanooga, TN

summary6I had an amazing time at the youth convention. I have learned so much about how to build my self-esteem and date in a godly way. I am so excited to see what next years convention has in store.
Natoria Jeffries – Chattanooga, TN

My time at the convention was enjoyable. The singing & the MCs were great. The flow was good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. DeAnthony Miller – St. James

For the first time I felt that there was a program established with the youth in mind. Not only for those that are already aligned with the True Church but also for those who had never been introduced to God. It bridged a gap between the church and the community we reside in. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the other youth as we all enjoyed the presence of God.
McCaila Hall – Lucas Temple

The youth convention was pretty good from what I participated in. I got there during lunch. My session about finance was very useful and has helped me.   Marshae Jeffries – Chattanooga, TN


The Youth Convention was an inspiring, motivating, igniting experience!! Most of the weekend offered many learning and interactive opportunities. The classes that were taught on Saturday were nothing short of amazing!!    Victoria Jeffries – Chattanooga, TN

The Youth Convention was amazing. I enjoyed watching the youth perform and enjoy what they were doing. The theme “Ignite the Fire” was right on time.  It started as a slow burn and ended with a burning flame.  I enjoyed the talent show the most.  There were no prizes given out but it didn’t matter.  What mattered was the fellowship, the encouragement, and the love that flowed that Friday night.  The session topics were relevant to current day matters.  I loved how the parents got involved with the sessions also.  The speakers, the word, and the singing was a blessing to me. The last day of the convention was bitter sweet. We rocked the house!  I look forward to this event next year.        Calandra Miller – Deliverance Temple