Bishop’s Message


We are the True Church of God in Christ and you can depend on us because we are watching out for you. We are interested in giving you the knowledge of God from the book of God so that you may become mature and perfect in the will of God. In this generation, many people believe that their faithfulness to God is measured by the amount of money they have and by their earthly possessions.

The economic issues of the past few years have shown us that we should not and cannot trust in uncertain riches. Instead, we should trust in God’s word because it will never fail. I encourage you to get rid of the distractions in your life that will hinder you in your walk with the Lord. Pray more often, fast sometimes, read your Bible, and fellowship with Godly people.

We hope this website will be a great tool in your quest to know God and His will for you. May the Lord help you, may the Lord bless you, and may heaven smile upon you.

Bishop Oprie Jeffries,
General Overseer of the True Church of God in Christ, Inc.