The Miraculous Work of God

To God be the Glory. God is still working miraculously. In November 2015, (almost 6 years ago) I was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer and was not expected to live past 3 months – But God. The doctors stated that the mass was 11 pounds. However, because I am a woman of Faith, I did not believe what I was being told even though all symptoms pointed to cancer. I never claimed it. After hearing the news, I did not want to share it with anyone because I did not want anyone feeling sorry for me nor did I want to hear the negatives. Despite my own feelings, I did call my family together to inform them of what the doctor stated. My family was in tears. I told them not to worry about me because I believed that I was going to be fine. (They did encourage me to share the news on the prayer line and I did as they wished.) As a matter of fact, they asked if we would still have Thanksgiving dinner. I told them, “Why not? Yes, I am cooking for my family”. I know that faith without works is dead. Therefore, I did what the doctors instructed me to do. The doctors told me that although this cancer would never go away, he would shrink it as best he could. 

 I went through chemo and was told that I would probably have bad side effects during the process. I did not. After chemo, I would go shopping at Goodwill. I remained busy. My children were very concerned because they were looking for those side effects. They never occurred. I read and still read the following scriptures every day: Deuteronomy 31:6-8, Psalms 71:18-19, and Isaiah 41:10-13. I used consecrated oil to rub on my stomach and still use it every day when I rise and before I lie down at night. 

Each time I went to the doctor, they would be amazed with my progress and my faith. I would always tell them I feel fine and I feel good. I was a living testimony even to the doctors, nurses, and admins.  After about 3 months of chemo, the mass did shrink to about a centimeter.  I did develop congestive heart failure and Neuropathy in my feet. I was then scheduled to receive a PET scan every 3 months so that the doctor could watch the mass. Around 2019, I was having pain in my stomach and was often short-winded. The doctor recommended that I receive an upper GI and see the gastrologist. The gastrologist recommended no surgical procedures be performed because my heart was too weak. With medication, I started feeling better.  Everything was fine until January 2021. I became very sick and I could not hold anything in my stomach.  I was taken to emergency and was admitted to the hospital, where I stayed for about 3 weeks. The entire time I could not eat which resulted in me losing about 15 pounds. The doctors found a blockage in my stomach and wanted to perform surgery to remove it. The doctor was aware of the condition of my heart but knew that if I did not receive the surgery, I would die. I could not live on liquids alone. I was determined not to receive the surgery because of my age and my heart condition. My children asked my pastors Elder Boyd and Elder Jeffries to convince me to have the surgery. I did it and do not have any regrets. The doctor removed the blockage and the centimeter of cancer that was left. I am now living totally cancer-free. To God be the Glory.

Mother Bessie Boyd ( Word of Life Head Mother ) Born September 7, 1935