September 13, 2015

Faith That Works


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We are in a time of tribulation where some are suffering with health issues, loss of loved ones, troubled marriages, and various addictions. We can overcome these tribulations with faith in God. Many people believe that all that is needed during trials and tribulations is faith. While it is important to have faith, we must have works to accompany our faith. Faith and works make a perfect team that leads to salvation from sin, healing for our bodies, our marriages and eternal life in the end. James stated, faith without works is dead and works makes our faith perfect (James 2:20-22). Faith can be defined as hope in action. Faith comes by hearing for we must hear the word of God to develop our faith in God (Romans 10:17). As we hear the word, we must become doers of the word we hear. As you seek to develop your faith, think about how you should live and what must be done to show your faith.