(Written by Sister Gloria Dobbs/Words of Life)
This sisterhood has no bounds
Doesn’t matter your color, white, black or brown.
We didn’t have to be born in a specific family,
Nor do we live in the same county
We have listening ears and loving hearts
thoughts of wisdom from the battles fought
Singing songs of praise to GOD the savior
Pressing towards the mark in a faithful behavior
We’re thankful for the life God has given
Getting up early with the SON that’s risen
There’s no need to worry or fret
Knowing GOD has never failed us yet
Joy in our heart, laughter on our lips
A song on our playlist to make us jump and skip
Cherishing one another with love and care,
Holding up the light while our cross we bare
We share what we can and helpful when possible
Going the extra distance no matter the obstacles
God’s doing a work through being in sisterhood
Delivering and setting free, like only HE could.
The sisterhood consists of many different females
From seasoned sisters to spouting young gals
Nourished, watered and fertilized like a great tree
Still others require pruning to bring more fruit to see.
Some sisters (trees) have weathered many terrible storms
Providing shade for others, while still standing strong
Pollinating others in close proximity
A place to hide from the relentless enemy.
Roots running deep all across the land,
Spreading GOD’S love wherever we can
Sisters have been around for years
Crying some nights and sending up prayers
So sister, sister when we need one another
Remember we’re stronger when we’re working together
Sister, sister, let’s keep pressing on
For one of these days, we’ll all be gone.